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Generate QR codes for your data on Airtable with the QR Code Generator.

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Step 2: Design QR code


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Step 3: Generate

How to Generate QR Codes on Airtable

If you use Airtable and need to generate QR codes in bulk, you may find the process to be cumbersome. We have developed two tools that aim to save your time by generating a large number of QR codes within Airtable with just a few clicks.

Here is an explanation of these two tools:

Bulk QR Code Generation using Airtable Plugin

Navigate to the Bulk QR Code Barcode Generator in the Airtable Marketplace. Click the "Add extension" button on the right to install the plugin.

Open your Airtable Base and locate "Bulk QR Code Barcode Generator" under Extensions on the right-hand side. Sign in to activate the plugin.

Select the desired table, view, and the field that contains the QR code content. Next, choose how you want to save the generated QR codes. The plugin offers two options: "Append to New Field" automatically creates a new field at the end of the table to store the generated QR codes, while "Save to Select Field" requires you to choose a specific "QR Code Save Field" to store the generated QR codes. The field used to store the QR codes must be of the Attachment type.

Click on the icon next to the "Generate QR Codes" title to set QR code styles, file names, and other preferences.

Finally, click the "Generate QR Codes" button to initiate the QR code generation. Once generated, you can view the QR codes in the designated field.

Note: Free users can generate only one QR code at a time, while subscribers have no limitations and can generate any number of QR codes.

Bulk QR Code Generation using "Airtable QR Code Generator"

Open the Airtable QR Code Generator. If you haven't authorized access to Airtable before, please log in to the website and click the plus icon next to "Select account" to grant access to Airtable.

Step 1: Select your Airtable account, base, table, data field, and the field to save the QR codes.

Step 2: Configure the styling options for the QR codes.

Step 3: Generate the QR codes. You can choose to "Generate & Download" the QR codes, which will automatically package them into a zip file for downloading. Alternatively, you can select "Generate & Save To Airtable" to generate the QR codes and save them in the specified field.

Effortless QR Code Generation on Airtable: Enhance Your Workflow Today!

If you have any questions or need further assistance regarding these tools, please feel free to contact our support team. We are dedicated to providing high-quality service to help you generate QR codes effortlessly on Airtable. Start improving your workflow and enjoy the convenient process of QR code generation today!